Project Description

Stretch Mark Treatment


Stretch Mark Treatment


Indulgence for body and mind

Laser Clinic Melbourne are the first to bring this treatment to Australia and couldn’t be prouder to be working with a revolutionary treatment from Brazill that reduces the appearance of stretch marks by 80%

An absolute innovation, with exceptional results, non-invasive and non-surgical. Treating both white and red stretch marks.


1) How is the procedure done.
We start with a detox treatment using an infrared wrap & customised products. A vacuum device is then used which directly on the stretch marks with Striot products applied on the area prior

2) How many sessions are needed?
3 sessions of detoxification and STRIORT every 30 days.

3) How often can I have the treatment?
Every 30 days, due to the healing period.

4) How are long-term results, do stretch marks return as before?
The best results are seen after 90 days. Stretch marks do not disappear completely but Striot can fade them upto 80%
Unfortunately there is no cure for stretch marks, but one of the things that makes them stay visible is the lack of hydration and poor diet. Keeping your fluids up & a balanced diet is always ideal

5) Is STRIORT painful?
Some are more sensitive than others while some find it a little ticklish but the general feedback is that it isn’t painful. This is a needle-free treatment which makes it non invasive.

6) At what age can STRIORT be done?STRIORT can be done after the growth phase as during this phase it is possible that more stretch marks appear.

7) Can pregnant women or nursing mothers do the treatment?

We recommend the home care products while pregnant and the treatment once you have the baby.

Can it be done in silicone prosthesis?
It can be performed after 6 months post surgery.

9) Which phototypes can perform the procedure? Can it be done on tanned skin?
It can be done on any phototype, on tanned skin too.

10) Does STRIORT treat red stretch marks?
Yes, STRIORT treats red stretch marks. With greater care and constant use of Home Care.

11) What is the aftercare?
You will leave the clinic with the area wrapped which stays on for 3 hours max.
Striot home care is a must as well as avoiding eggs, chocolate, peanuts and milk for a week post treatment as these foods have an inflammatory effect and can interfere with healing process.

12) Without using Home Care, do I get the same results?
Definitelly not! Home Care STRIORT Bothanica Mineral was developed precisely to enhance the results, leading to an improvement of up to 80% in the treatment of white stretch marks.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.